The team behind the Recycle Project. Photograph: York Press

A team of upcyclers who find new uses for the weird and wonderful items dumped in our tips is creating a circular economy in York.

The Recycle Project was once a simple idea between friends with a vision of ‘turning waste into opportunity’. Now, just a couple of years later, the community interest company helps save more than 20 tonnes of waste a month from landfill. From lawn mowers and garden furniture to clothing and random objects, the team picks up containers from the City of York Council’s tips and turns them into reloved and repurposed treasures.

“Seeing different things people throw away, it’s amazing,” Jimmy Mulhearn, one member of the project, said.

“We realised there was a hole in the market for that and recycling at the minute is massive.

“It’s fascinating more than anything. From there we’ve just got bigger and bigger.”

Since opening it has won several contracts and has designated drop-off areas for items of all shapes and sizes that could be saved.

In the next stage of its adventure, the team is planning a grand reopening at Yorvale Business Park with plans to “put a lot more back into the community”. It will not only have a shop space featuring all the salvaged second hand goods but an area for free workshops, funded by sales, for locals of all ages and backgrounds.

The new space opened on 1st June 2021 after finishing touches by upcycler Darren Thompson, salesman Ben Stanard, social media expert Annie Goodwin and Bradley Mulhearn on sales.

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