All We Are, The Lending Room – Leeds. Photograph: Laura Toomer Gig Photography

There was once a time when a night out in the heart of the Leeds student scene was fairly regular occurrence.  That was, in all honesty quite a long time ago so heading to the Lending Rooms to take in what All We Are could offer was definitely a trip down memory lane, of sorts. 

Usually, a 3 piece but tonight with additional percussion, ably provided by good friend Ulysees they are described as a Liverpool based band. However, being based in that fair city is where the links to the home of the Beatles, Echo and the Bunnymen and Clean Cut Kid end as they bring a far more exotic and cosmopolitan blend the city’s great musical history.  

With backgrounds from Ireland, Norway and Brazil, both the band and their music brought a tropical feel to a cold wet Thursday night in October. 

This tour, showcasing their new album Providence is long overdue following the album’s release back in 2020 and can now finally be brought to live audiences.  

I noticed a couple of years ago that there is a definite resurgence of the style of the 1980’s within a lot of newer music and as we opened up with the gentle mellow tones of ‘Bad Advice’ this came across again. We may not be quite at the stage of Joan Collins shoulder pads just yet, but don’t be surprised to see them in the shops before long. 

Shoulder pads or not, All We Are do a terrific job of creating their own sound and it would be very hard to describe their music in any particular genre. There is something for everyone, from the gentle melodies of the opening number and ‘Feel Safe’ to the more up tempo feel of the album’s title track ‘Providence’ right the way through to the faster paced crescendo of sounds of my personal favourites ‘Waiting’ and ‘Dreamer’ which are both songs that are absolutely written to be performed live to get their full impact. 

Lead singing duties were shared between drummer Rich and base player Guro who’s pure, natural and powerful range added to the bands unique sound taking on an almost hypnotic effect at times. 

We had fun with ‘Pina Colada’ adding more of that exotic flavour and also engaging the crowd with a good old singalong making sure the audience, whilst perhaps modest in numbers were swept along by the vibrant energy of the live performance and whether young, or older (like me) you just found yourself, moving, swaying, rocking or going into full dance mode. You had to take part, be involved and join in with what was going on. This was, without any doubt, music that was impossible to stand still too. 

The tour goes on and if you enjoy live music of the highest order, get yourself along, you won’t be disappointed. 

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