As COP26 draws to a close, Community First Yorkshire is calling for individuals, communities and charitable organisations to take steps to reduce their environmental impact. The charity today launches a Climate Change Toolkit that brings together simple to understand and useful resources that mean we can all do our bit to tackle climate change at a local level.

Protecting our environment by taking action on climate change is important. Communities and charitable groups will be able to use the toolkit for ideas on how to take action together and to access additional support to create change that will protect their communities for future generations. The toolkit includes advice on where to find and how to apply for, the funding you need to put your climate change ideas and projects into action. For individuals, the toolkit shows how thinking about how we use energy and resources, changing our behaviour and reducing what we use, does make a difference. And if you’re feeling inspired to set up a climate change action group in your local community, the toolkit contains practical suggestions on how to make your idea a reality.

Speaking about the launch of the Climate Change Toolkit, Community First Yorkshire’s Chief Executive, Jane Colthup, said: “We’ve heard a lot in the last couple of weeks about what climate change means for people, why it’s important, and what will happen if we don’t take action to address the impacts now. It’s up to all of us to try to make a difference in whatever way that we can, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. We hope that both individuals and charities will find our toolkit offers a practical starting point for them to introduce change at a local level.”

We all take action for different reasons and that is why it is helpful to know how to talk to people about climate change and to understand what climate anxiety is and how it can lead to fear and inaction. The Climate Change Toolkit provides advice on how to talk about climate change and offers inspiration from other people, groups, projects and workplaces who have put their ideas into practice and are already making a difference. Hear and read their stories, find out about the positive impact they have had, the challenges they have faced and their top tips for your own action against climate change.

For more information, contact Community First Yorkshire on 01904 704177 or email

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