Following last year’s success,  Dunelm is once again helping “deliver Joy” to local communities with this year’s project expected to be bigger than the last.

The project is being supported by Jorvik Radio. Earlier this week Matt Lloyd from the Breakfast Show interviewed Steve Tyler from Dunelm Clifton Moor to learn more about the project.

Steve says, “Dunelm has reached out to its charity partners and organisations it works with in the community to see whose Christmas can be made a little bit better who don’t get to enjoy it as much as we do.”  He explained that partners and organisation in the community, as well as community-based customers and colleagues, even food banks, have knowledge of families and individuals in difficulties. Some lives may suddenly have taken a drastic turn and this has been realised more so over the last year with many more people realising there is a big need.

All Dunelm stores have a Christmas tree with gift tags on it. Each gift tag gives a clue about a person, such as their age and what they like. The tags may be for women in a refuge centre or people in care homes.  One tag seen by Matt on his visit said: “96-year-old male in a care home who loves red wine.” 

How the project works:

You can go instore, pick a tag off the tree, and buy an appropriate present from wherever you want based on the description indicated.  

Steve suggests, “a gift of around £10 would really help and not break the bank”.

All you need to do is then pop the present into a gift bag, no need to wrap, attach the tag and bring it back into store.  You can include a message with the gift.

Steve explained that they are reaching out to local schools to see if they would like to create a message or a picture to slip into a gift bag and believes Santa hopes to send messages to children to tell them they are on the “good kids list.”

Jorvik Radio is making this project its main Christmas goal to get as many presents as possible to the local community.  So please help Dunelm and Jorvik Radio give something back to those in your local community who are in need to make their Christmas Day better.

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