Photograph: Poppy Road School

Children from Poppleton Road Primary School are asking their parents to drive and park more carefully at the start and end of each school day.

This follows a competition which tasked pupils to design posters to raise awareness of dangerous driving and inconsiderate parking around the school.

The winning entries have now been printed and displayed individually around the school.  A banner containing all of them together has also been put onto the school gates.

Debbie Glover is the Head Teacher of the school and is really keen to raise awareness about this problem.  She said:

“We’re proud that our pupils have got behind this so enthusiastically and we hope that their work might help change the habits of those who need to. The vast majority of our school community are considerate and careful but we are worried that the driving habits of some are creating accidents waiting to happen, and we need to challenge this.”

Local Ward Councillor Kallum Taylor, who judged the winning entries, added:

“It’s great that these kids want to do their bit to help make travelling to school safer.  Looking at their work they have a more serious grasp of the situation than those who take needless risks and create daily hazards outside their school gates.  I really hope this is the start of an ongoing, joint effort between the school, residents, and us as councillors, to improve the situation here.”

In closing, Kellan Richardson, who is in Year 2 and also one of the School Councillors, wrote a letter as he felt so strongly about the situation.  Kellan said:

“I think more families should park further away from school and walk and just set off from home a little bit earlier.”

The school, together with the Friends of Poppleton Road School, and Ward councillors, are now working on an action plan to help improve the situation outside the school over the coming years and hope that the Council will support their efforts.

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