Amazing colleagues and fulfilling work ARE available!

It is hard to feel upbeat and positive amidst news of new outbreaks of Covid19, redundancies and an economic downturn. We are not seeking to downplay how serious the situation is.

But sometimes, it’s good to step away from the doom and gloom and find something to celebrate. We have looked at how our team have coped since March and we feel like breaking out the champagne, or at least popping the Prosecco!

As a charity charged with looking after some of our community’s most vulnerable people, we are proud of how well we have managed to look after our tenants and support workers.

Not only have we kept everyone safe; they have been entertained with discos, garden barbecues, quiz nights, painting sessions, crafts of all kinds and baking sessions.

Our support workers have been absolute stars. Turning up every day and keeping up the spirits of our tenants whilst ensuring full use of PPE is a tall order and they have risen to the challenge tremendously.

Our whole office team has switched to home working and seamlessly carried on with our work coping with urgency, uncertainty and unchartered territory with calm professionalism.

Our YorSensory rehab team have offered reassuring advice to hundreds of people by phone and recently renewed home visits.

But we still found time for staff quiz nights, staff competitions like the Yorkshire Day Raffle and regular Zoom meetings so now we know what everyone’s home décor looks like!

All this while preparing to move into a brand new building in 2021 with 30 purpose built supported living apartments for our tenants and a Living and Learning Zone where we will be able to run all our services under one inspiring and yet to be completed roof!

And better than all that, with the current job scene looking increasingly bleak, we have jobs available for caring, versatile people who would be interested in becoming a support worker for the Wilberforce Trust.

For more information about any of the above, please contact Jane Carter, Head of Development, on

Or call on 07730414028