Connected-York app helping mental health and other charities during Covid-19 lockdown

The founders of York-created mobile phone app, Connected-York, are championing mental health charity York Mind, as well as Jorvik Radio’s daily “Live From The Living Room” music stream to help people deal with the isolation due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Although the focus of the Coronovirus has been on reducing infection through social distancing, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has highlighted the fact that the restrictive measures of the lock-down can have a negative impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

It’s come as no surprise that apps such as Teams, Zoom and House Party to name but a few, are flourishing as people turn to technology to keep themselves in-touch with family and friends. However, Connected-York app founders, Andrew Stark and Melissa Magson, wanted to ensure their tech solution was supporting where it could too.

Andrew Stark, co-founder:

“The app has always had a social enterprise element to it, and we already work with two great York charities – The Island and Good Organisation, but I really wanted to champion mental wellbeing too. Before the Covid-19 lockdown this was something which needed increased awareness and support – and now that need has increased tenfold.”

With the Connected-App user base increasing daily, with a large percentage currently being residents, the technology is supporting by increasing awareness of York Mind’s services, which have now moved to telephone support after their Clifton premises were closed due to Covid-19.

In addition to York Mind, the app is also promoting Jorvik Radio’s daily “Live From The Living Room” where musicians give live-streamed performances from their own home. As well as keeping people exposed to live music and the great talent in and around York, the psychological effects of music and help with emotional health, relaxation and general well-being.

Holly Bilton, Fundraising Manager at York Mind said:

“We’re so pleased the Connected-York app is helping more people discover our services. Mental wellbeing at times like these is of paramount importance, and we want people of all ages to know that we are still here to support them – albeit in a different way than before. Our new, remotely delivered services can now be accessed via the self-referral form on our website, ”

Chris Watkinson, Commercial Director, Jorvik Radio added:

“Our live music slots have always proved extremely popular so we created “Live From The Living Room” to overcome the lockdown restrictions and still keep a varied schedule for our listeners. The fact that music supports mental wellbeing hasn’t escaped us at all – and if what we are doing is helping someone who is struggling – then that makes it even more worthwhile for us.