Local York band release their debut single

HoneyTrap release their debut single ‘Midnight Supine’ on Friday 17th April 2020, which promises to be an eagerly awaited release.

HoneyTrap’s brand new formation promises for a unique and hauntingly beautiful sound. Will Daniels, the handpicked lead guitarist shines yet brings his own gloomy swirls of ambience that soak the space around the band.

Drummer John Gilbert helps create a solid yet warm foundation for the band. His Chemistry with bassist James Butterworth, allows HoneyTrap to seamlessly explore new sounds and remain rooted in the Indie sphere while Kell Chambers’ lyrics lend the audience room for introspection and reflection. Evoking images of nostalgia and what could have been.

We asked Kell, what the meaning behind his lyrics were and this is what the frontman had to add: In the words of Gerard Manley Hopkins “What you look at hard seems to look at you,”I am often asked to share the meaning of songs I have written, as if I sit with an intention and perhaps a duty to invoke the same picture in every listeners head as a product of my creation.

My particular style of writing lends itself to the individual, and I am perhaps more comfortable with the idea that “Midnight Supine” is a song where if you choose to look closely at the lyrics, they will find themselves to you. And if you relate to them in any way, then we have shared a connection greater than any attempt to explain the process.

I write a song in one sitting and leave it stewing in a draw for months before I read it again, so I too may connect with it from a different perspective.

Each song for me represents a moment or a thought or a feeling in my life, and acts as my projection to the universe. For me, the idea that someone somewhere can connect to words I’ve written in my bedroom and feel a powerful emotion, even if you really bloody hate it, is such an amazing thought, and something I am so grateful that I am able to share.

HoneyTrap plan to announce their second headline show in the coming weeks after the success of their first ‘sell out’ launch show.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/honeytrapyork/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/honeytrapuk