Minster FM to close and be replaced by Greatest Hits Radio

On Wednesday 27th May 2020, it was announced that Minster FM was to become Greatest Hits Radio.

The owners, Bauer Media, bought out the UKRD group which owned ten local stations, including Minister FM and Stray FM.

Unfortunately, many of the staff have been put on redundancy leave.

Nationally, 46 out of 56 stations will be changed into Greatest Hits Radio.

The station is set to change from September of this year. Minister FM, which is based in Dunnington, has been around since 1992, so many listeners will be sad to see it go.

Greg Stephenson, Chair of York Pride and Jorvik Radio Presenter said, “Very disappointed to hear the news that Minster FM will be going off air, Radio is at it’s best when it’s local content produced and delivered by a local team. To try and replace this with a network station is a real loss to York. The loss of local and community content from Minster FM leaves a big hole for many in York & North Yorkshire.”
Adam Coggin, regular listener of the station said, “Minster FM has been a pillar of the community for as long as I can remember. It does exactly what good radio should; it helps the community. From recognising local heroes to supporting local businesses to premiering local talent, Minster FM has become an integral part of people’s day and is respected both locally and nationally. Its migration to Greatest Hits Radio will undoubtably leave a hole in people’s hearts, and will always be remembered for the joy it has brought people across North Yorkshire for so long.”