Paul Winn

A lot of people don't think they like Blues music until they hear it played properly, many have the misconception that it is just a miserable dirge. For Paul, blues music is his passion. Paul will be bringing you the classic blues you all know and love as well as the best of the new releases.

Paul finds blues uplifting and can usually find a track to suit any mood, whether this is something melancholy about lost love, a bad hearted woman or getting drunk on cheap Whiskey right up through to the full-on Electric Blues with screaming guitar & wailing Harmonica (or Blues Harp as it's known in the trade). Blues is a very wide genre that takes in hints of Country, Jazz, Gospel, Boogie Woogie & Rock so you're sure to find something that will appeal to you. Paul is not just a fan of the genre, he is very involved within the UK Blues scene and has spent several years building up a reputation as a Blues Presenter. Paul currently broadcasts in the UK & across the pond in the USA too (arguably the home of the modern-day blues!). However, Paul's talents also lay more close to home as he runs The Ryedale Blues Club in Malton, and is one of the main organisers for York Blues Festival. On top of being a radio presenter, promoter & festival organiser (in case that weren't enough!), Paul is also a blues musician and can be found playing at various blues clubs & festivals with his own band 'DC Blues' where he leads the vocals & plays the ever-important Blues Harp (which he always carries with him; you may even find Paul joining in with guests live on air!).

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