Tim Spears on career highlights and playing for York City Knights.

Rugby league player Tim Spears has spoken to Rob Leatham about his career highlights so far and what it is like to be a player for York City Knights.

He was interviewed by Rob as part of the ‘A Pain In The Grass’ show on Friday 12th March, with the show being dedicated to the York City Knights team.

Tim says that when joining the team, he didn’t realise how much progress they would make. In the interview he thanks the coach, players and those who continue to support the club.

‘I left Featherstone under quite unexpected circumstances and as the coach, James Ford sold the club to me. He came across very motivated, driven, and ambitious. To think where we would be at now, no disrespect to club, in the few short years after I joined is remarkable and I’m proud to be associated with the Knights.

“On a daily basis you read about some outstanding people doing some outstanding things and that’s a privilege to be part of.” Tim has previously played for the Castleford Tigers and the Featherstone Rovers, and it is this experience with other clubs which he says has made him appreciate his success even more.

“When you look back, obviously I’ve been playing for a long time and been privileged to be included with such a great sport for as long as I have.

“I’ve been really fortunate to share some great dressing rooms with some fantastic people. Some people I have had the chance to play with are just remarkable, players like Tommy Saxton, Andy Kane and loads of others. I’ve been so fortunate to be around great people at both Featherstone and York.”

Earlier on in his career, Tim says it was the more experienced players that taught him the value of the game and showed him how hard he needed to work. It was this mindset he says that has made him thankful for his position at York City Knights.

“I think I was really fortunate that I was one of those players who sort of came through with full-time players who had been part-time. They knew what it meant to work and what a privileged position they were in.

“They also had an unbelievable work ethic, some of the senior Australians at the time had worked for a living. Mike Eager had been a joiner in Australia, they were all use to the pressure of working hard or not getting paid.

“They brought that grit and work ethic to the dressing rooms and instilled that in me.”

The full interview is available here: https://listenagain.jorvikradio.com/sports

It can be found on the ‘Listen Again’ section of the Jorvik Radio website. It was part of the ‘A Pain In The Grass’ show on the 12th March.

Written by: Oscar Bellerby