U.K. mothers prefer gin over wine, flowers and chocolates

Research just released shows U.K. mothers prefer gin over wine, flowers, chocolates – and even a lie-in!

The spirit may be known as ‘Mother’s Ruin’ – but it’s a favourite for Mothering Sunday, according to the York Gin Company. 

In their Twitter poll- whose other options were chocolates, flowers and a lie-in – gin won well over 50% of the vote.

The final results were:

Gin 59%

Flowers 13%

Chocolate 9%

Lie-in 19%

In a second poll on Instagram, the company put gin and wine head to head. And gin won that poll too – by an amazing 93% to 7%.

Emma Godivala of York Gin who conducted the poll said: “We thought a lie-in might have given gin more of a run for its money. But gin was the runaway winner. Having said that, we did run the polls on our gin company’s account, so maybe we shouldn’t claim the result as definitive. Still, kids – take note!”

The term ‘Mother’s Ruin’ is thought to originate from the ‘Gin Craze’ in London during the first years of the 18th Century when stories abounded of women in the capital selling their children and neglecting them as a result of their addiction to this cheap alcohol.

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