York City Council have released a new business support plan

On the 23rd March, York City Council released a new coronavirus business support plan.

The updated bulletin includes: new government advice, information for the self-employed, details of new lobbying efforts by the council and partners on behalf of the self-employed and information about support from the local media.

They have also included details for immediate support that covers tax, support with wages and access to support for the self-employed.

York City Council is urging landlords to take the same approach as them with their commercial tenants. This will help residents cope with the recent situation.

They are also in the process of setting up a government payment process, HMRC say it could take well into April until they can deliver the 80% of wage payments.

However, the council have announced they are introducing their own emergency fund to support residents, business and communities. Full details of this will be released soon.

For more information and support, visit the York City Council website.

Chantele Hodson