York council leader responds to coronavirus

Council leader, Councillor Keith Aspden, has made a statement to the executive regarding the city’s response to coronavirus.
The leader has drafted a coronavirus response which includes business support and an emergency fund.
The council have announced it will create its own emergency fund to support local residents, businesses and communities, including support for children and families which is shown in the leader’s wider statement.
Councillor Keith Aspden announced the funds today (19th March 2020) at the executive meeting.
He said, the council is continuing to work with the NHS and partners. This is to
ensure services can continue and to keep our city moving.
Councillor Aspden, also added, “we are living in unprecedented times and dealing with exceptional circumstances, as a city we must find our resolve and do everything we can to support those who need our help the most.”
Additionally, details of this fund will be released next week, but its main priority is to support our residents, businesses and communities over the next coming weeks.
Chantele Hodson